Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

How long does it take to ship and receive my order?

  • It is our goal to process and ship orders the day we receive them. Orders that are placed after 2pm EST will be shipped the next shipping day.
  • Shipping is done Monday- Friday with the exception of nationally observed holidays.
  • Once your order is placed you will receive a FedEx tracking number to follow your shipping progress in real time!

How much do you charge to ship?

  • We offer real time shipping rates through FedEx. The rate is based on total weight of the shipment and will be reflected as you add or remove items from your cart.
  • If an order cannot be delivered during the first attempt, most shippers may make two additional attempts to deliver your order. After the third attempt, it will be held at the shipper’s distribution center. However, Ed’s Fine Wines is not responsible for any damages, lost or misplaced product or additional shipping charges (if any) if the order cannot be delivered during the first attempt.


  • We at Ed’s do not sell alcohol to any persons under the age of 21. Accordingly, you understand and agree that you or the person receiving a shipment of alcoholic beverages from Ed’s Fine Wines is over the age of 21 and has a valid form of identification to present before receiving the shipment. Ed’s Fine Wines is not responsible if an order or shipment cannot be completed if you, or any person picking up an order or accepting a shipment on your behalf, cannot provide valid identification.
  • FedEx will attempt to deliver three times, then it will be held at the distribution center.

Do you ship year-round in all-weather conditions?

  • We spent a little extra time and effort selecting the best temperature resistant corrugated shipping boxes. However, our shipping boxes are not temperature controlled so in the event of extreme weather conditions we will work with you to ensure the best and safest time to ship.
  • If you would like to delay shipment until a time you feel more comfortable, please indicate at checkout or follow up with an email providing your name and order number.

We will set aside your order until you’re comfortable moving forward with the shipment.

International Orders And Other Exclusions

  • At this time, we do not ship directly to international addresses
  • We do not ship to P.O. boxes, APOs or FPOs.
  • Our product availability varies by state due to differing state regulations. As laws and regulations change, so will we.

Weather and Shipping Delays

To protect your products, we may delay shipping due to weather condition. Extreme weather (hot or cold) can jeopardize the integrity of your wine. If we delay the shipment, we will contact you directly and promptly via Email.

Shipping to multiple addresses

Each address requires a separate order be placed. You cannot split one order to go to multiple addresses.

Additional Shipping Information

  • We at Ed’s Fine Wines reserve the right to confirm any order prior to shipment.
  • We at Ed’s Fine Wines reserve the right to cancel any order we cannot confirm or otherwise see fit.


These terms and conditions shall apply in conjunction with Ed’s Fine Wines Terms & Conditions. Nothing contained in our shipping policy shall supersede or circumvent application of Ed’s Fine Wines Terms & Conditions.

I’m having issues with my order. Can I get real-time support?

  • If you have any questions or issues, we are here to help during regular business hours at (727) 791-9551. After hours please email